A Fun(ctional), Intergenerational HOME Idea

Supermarket in the Netherlands opens seniors chat checkout lines

200 Jumbo supermarket locations in the Netherlands open up checkout lines where clients can stop for a chat rather than pay for their shopping as quickly as possible. Read more at Photo: Photo Republic / Marco De Swart


“We are coming to understand and appreciate the role the built environment plays in our collective well-being. Based on how we each define what it means to be happy, we create the foundation of belief for the self, the cosmic, and relationship dimensions.” Click the image below to read about Gerotranscendence theory Gerotranscendence Theory Explained

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“As a society, we don’t fully understand or value how architecture can affect our mental or physical health, our well-being, or our economy.” (Toon Dreessen Ottawa Citizen Dec 30.2021)